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Early Years Advisory Service

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The Early Years Advisory Service sits within the Learning and Achievement Directorate as part of the Early Years and School support section. As from 1 April the Early Years Support Officers have joined the Early Years Advisers to become part of the Early Years Advisory Service. 

The Early Years Advisers will continue to focus on the quality of learning and respond to requests for involvement as Area SENCOs. Our present Area SENCOs will continue to support the EYAs to meet the requests for involvement.


The EYSOs will continue to support settings to meet the requirements of the EYFS and in particular to focus on the implementation of the welfare requirement.
The Advisory Team will continue to work with all childminders, providers and schools to support and advise settings on all aspect of the EYFS framework.  We will also continue to have strong links with the other services such as with SEN support services, Children Centre services and the Childcare Sufficiency service to ensure that the very best quality provision is available to all children from 0-5 where they happen to access it.
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